About Kurt

Kurt Bittle is a very successful fine artist who has earned acclaim for both his painting and within the teaching community. A graduate of Frostburg State University and a recipient of the MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Kurt currently devotes himself to his dream of documenting life in America through his Mid-Century Paintings -- those years of his youth through early adulthood, during the move from war to peace and a time of new mobile prosperity.

The images of diners and roadside amusements we all visited and the automobiles and highways that took us all down new roads of adventure are now misty memories of a uniquely disappearing cultural landscape. In highly realistic portrayals, Kurt captures the spirit and memories from a time of greater innocence and simpler pleasures. These visions have become an extensive portfolio of an era of fond remembrance for all who lived them and for those who wished they were there.

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